My name is Kai Brügge. I am a contemporary dancer...

I am a versatile performer having performed not only in dance pieces, but also street theatre (as a member of Compagnie Oniversum), performance arts (at Fondation Beyeler and Art Basel), physical theatre (at Teatro Dimitri), operas (at Theater Freiburg) and film. As a dancer, areas I am especially interested in are partnering / contact improvisation and instant composition. You can see me move on Vimeo.

As a professional performer I embrace and feel confident with the performance of taboo topics like violence, nakedness etc. As a creator it is important for me to create performances, which non-dancers can relate to and which illuminate real life through meaningful movement. I take art and dance as seriously as a child can take a game seriously.

I am very much interested in the connection between meditation and dance practices. I organise the weekly Friday Jam Freiburg and offer Contemplative Dance Practice every morning from Monday to Thursday at 7:50-9:00 in Freiburg-Haslach. If you want to join the morning practice, drop me a message.

I organised the training for professional dancers in Freiburg from 2021 to 2022 and was a member of advisory board of Tanznetz Freiburg from 2022-2023.

Past performances (selection)

Was du nicht sagst, Instant compositions with Eva Krause

Noch ist es Zeit, Director: Eva Krause

Inventaire, Choreographers: Claire Pastier and Daniel Rakovsky

Niemals in denselben Überfluss, Instant Composition with Mathilde Bonte, Lena Schillebeeckx, Lee Ferguson and Thomas Wenk

Por una cabeza, Choreographers: Claire Pastier and Daniel Rakovsky

In uns bewegt, Choreographer: Rebecca Narum

5 chambres, Choreographers: Claire Pastier and Daniel Rakovsky

AKT, Co-created with Julia Klockow

Dido and Aeneas, Director: Tilman Knabe

Ce qu'il fallait dire, Choreographers: Claire Pastier and Daniel Rakovsky

Amour muet (R&J), Choreographer: Daniel Rakovsky

Don Giovanni, Director: Katarzyna Borkowska, Choreographer: Tomasz Wygoda

Hulda, Director: Tilman Knabe, Choreographer: Peter Pruchniewitz

Divine comedy, Director: Rirkrit Tiravanija

Aggregate, Director: Alexandra Pirici

Tuschekörper, Kai Brügge and Rebecca Narum

The players, Choreographer: Edan Gorlicki

...and I was an artificial intelligence researcher.

As a computer scientist and mathematician I concentrated on artificial intelligence or rather machine learning. I was researching the theoretical foundation of Markov chains and generative models. I am more interested in finding deeper understanding and mathematical beauty than in finding solutions, which just work. The programming languages I have the most experience with are Haskell and Python.


Kai Brügge, Asja Fischer, and Christian Igel. On the convergence of the Metropolis algorithm with fixed-order updates for multivariate binary probability distributions. International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (pp. 469-477), PMLR, 2021.

Kai Brügge, Asja Fischer, and Christian Igel. The flip-the-state transition operator for restricted Boltzmann machines. Machine Learning, 93(1):53–69, 2013.