My name is Kai Brügge. I am a contemporary dancer...

As a dancer, an area I am especially interested in is partnering. I am a versatile performer having performed not only in dance pieces, but also street theatre (as a member of Compagnie Oniversum), performance arts (at Fondation Beyeler and Art Basel) and operas (at Theater Freiburg). Two schools of dance technique which have especially influenced me are Gaga and Axis Syllabus. You can see me move on vimeo. I have a deeper experience than most dancers in instant composition, but almost no training in ballet.

As a professional performer I embrace and feel confident with the performance of taboo topics like violence, nakedness etc. As a creator it is important for me to create performances which non-dancers can relate to and which illuminate real life through meaningful movement.

Upcoming performances

Pas de deux, Choreographers: Claire Pastier and Daniel Rakovsky

The Sacr[ific]ed Dance, Choreographer: Rebecca Narum

Dido and Aeneas, Director: Tilman Knabe

Wenn wir nur ein Leben hätten, Choreographer: Karwan Omar

12 Zimmer, Choreographers: Claire Pastier and Daniel Rakovsky

Past performances (selection)

Ce qu'il fallait dire, Choreographers: Claire Pastier and Daniel Rakovsky

Amour muet (R&J), Choreographer: Daniel Rakovsky

Don Giovanni, Director: Katarzyna Borkowska, Choreographer: Tomasz Wygoda

Hulda, Director: Tilman Knabe

Divine comedy, Director: Rirkrit Tiravanija

Aggregate, Director: Alexandra Pirici

Tuschekörper, Kai Brügge and Rebecca Narum

The players, Choreographer: Edan Gorlicki

...and an artificial intelligence researcher.

As a computer scientist and mathematician I concentrate on artificial intelligence or rather machine learning. I am researching the theoretical foundation of Markov chains and generative models. I am more interested in finding deeper understanding and mathematical beauty than in finding solutions, which just work. The programming languages I have the most experience with are Haskell and Python.


Kai Brügge, Asja Fischer, and Christian Igel. On the convergence of the Metropolis algorithm with fixed-order updates for multivariate binary probability distributions. arXiv:2006.14999 (preprint, accepted for AISTATS 2021)

Kai Brügge, Asja Fischer, and Christian Igel. The flip-the-state transition operator for restricted Boltzmann machines. Machine Learning, 93(1):53–69, 2013.